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If you or someone you love has been hurt by abortion and you would like to help others heal from the same type of pain there are a number of ways you can make a difference.  Volunteers are needed in the following areas:
Prayer support--Prayer is the key to our ministry.  We rely heavily upon dedicated prayer warriors so won't you prayerfully consider joining our prayer support team.

Outreach--Our goal is to help those hurt by abortion and in the process to educate all about the tragedy that occurs each time the choice to end a life is made.  The goal of our outreach team is to bring the Good News to those who need our help.  

Kitchen staff--The weekend retreats entail a great deal of spiritual and emotional work. We need lots of help to prepare nutritious and delicious food for those working in the vineyard. 

Advertising--Getting the word out about our ministry requires creative and dedicated individuals who can reach those in need as well as those able to provide financial resources. 
Education--tragically so many men and women believe the lie that abortion is the quick fix that entails no lasting effects.  However those who have experienced an abortion suffer many post traumatic stress symptoms.  Sometimes these symptoms don't show up for years and are often mistaken for other emotional issues.  We hope to educate people as to the truth of abortion and the lasting psychological and emotional scars left behind that need to be addressed and dealt with to bring healing and closure.

Financial--none of our work is possible without adequate financial resources.  Our financial team helps to secure underwriters and fundraising to allow our work to continue.

Onsite counseling and ministry support--each retreat requires a team of compassionate Christian men and women who are able to relate to the pain and suffering  those who come on retreat have experienced.  

If you are interested in these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact us at volunteer@rvhouston.org
I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective when you perceive all the good that we may do for Christ. (Philemon 1:5)
Do you speak Spanish?  Have you ever considered volunteering your time and talent to help men and women heal from the trauma and grief of abortion?  We would love to be able to offer retreats in Spanish.  If you feel called to help, please call Cindy @ 713-825-0649
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