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What others found on the retreat...
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What others experienced on their Rachel's Vineyard Retreats...

  • The activities and exercises helped me to open up in places I didn’t know were closed.  I recommend Rachel’s Vineyard to all women who have had abortions and families suffering from it.
  • The retreat was a very soul searching experience. 
  •  I was allowed to show my weakness and bitterness in order to search my soul for the necessary means of healing.
  • The retreat was the greatest blessing I received in a long time!
  • In three days, this retreat began a transformation towards healing and self-forgiveness that 12 plus years did not provide. 
  • Before the retreat I was consumed by feelings of guilt and shame about having an abortion.  I kept this secret hidden for 30 years only to discover the abortion was the root cause of my emotional dishevel, sadness, depression, anger and low self esteem.  After the retreat I feel forgiven by God and now able to forgive myself.  I feel alive rather than numb.  My desire to die has been replaced with a desire to live.  I am open to God’s plans for me rather than being consumed by my own agenda.  I am FORGIVEN!
  • I felt understood, accepted and cared about from everyone on the retreat.  This helped the healing process for forgiveness in myself, others and most importantly to accept forgiveness from my children.
  •  Before the retreat I felt that I had a wound oozing under my skin that only I knew about in detail.  After the retreat I felt complete closure and relieved of pain and guilt.  I left with an unmistaken knowledge that God loves and forgives us.  I learned that I don’t have to suffer and carry this burden anymore.  The retreat was a divine experience that left me feeling lighter, happier and closer to Jesus. 
  •  Before the retreat I felt alone and ashamed.  After the retreat I know I’m not alone and that God has forgiven me.
  • The retreat helped me to reconnect with God; I felt safe and had peace within.
  • This retreat provided closure and healing to a wound that I carried deep within my heart.  Despite having attended other retreats including ACTS, I still needed the closure and reconciliation with God and my children that Rachel’s Vineyard provided.  For me, this weekend retreat provided more healing and spiritual awakening than over 15 years of individual counseling.